Photography courtesy of ©  Peter Calvin.

Photography courtesy of © Peter Calvin.


Christopher Stead (b. 1974, UK) lives and works in London.

Tangled, torn, popped, squeezed and then hung in spaces of other, the work exists to evade the paradigms of commercial obedience, white cube boredom, and the polarities regimented by cultural hegemony. Informed by Thatchers dystopian Britain and her Acid House love child, the work explores free movement in spaces without borders. 

The paintings are made on the beaches of Spain. Some are made in the sludge of a low tide River Thames. Others were born on the Northern coast of Germany next to the Baltic Sea. They seek new places to hang. Inspired by Foucault’s concept of heterotopia, solace is found in spaces of otherness. Informed by a youth growing up painting graffiti on the trains, a youth that bled into adulthood. 20 years painting within the freedom of the dark. Surrounded by fences, along the train tracks, in and on derelict buildings. Places of abandon and neglect. Hetrotopias of deviation. Again, the work finds itself back in its familiar territory.

In 2016 Stead graduated with a First Class BA Hons in Fine Art at the City and Guilds of London Art School, London, where he received the Painter - Stainers Scholarship Prize and Brian Till Art History Thesis Award. He also makes a damn fine risotto and enjoys walks on the train tracks.


Sugar Mountain @ The Silver Building, London (20th Sept - 6th Oct 2019).

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London (16th - 20th Oct 2019). 

Jealous Booth @ Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London (7th - 10th Nov 2019). 

The Dyson Building Gallery @ The RCA, London (12th - 17th Nov 2019)

Solo Exhibitions:

Acid Reign @ Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany (2019).

Heterotopic Tourism @ Lab Kalkhorst, Kalkhorst, Germany, Germany (2019).

Moral Minimalism @ Aloïse, Barcelona, Spain (2018). 

Chromophobia @ Proof Gallery, London (2017).


Underground On The Up @ The Silver Building, London (2019).

Heterotopic Tourism (Installation) @ Lab Kalkhorst, Germany (2019). 

Jealous Booth @ Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London (2019). 

Jealous Booth @ London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy, London (2019).

Mantra @ Stour Space, London (2018).

Low Voltage Experiments: Installation with Gala Bell @ The Silver Building, London (2018).

Jealous Stand @ The Affordable Art Fair, London (2018).

JNY 3018 @ Jealous North, London (2018).

Jealous Stand @ Moniker Art Fair, London (2018).

Hack Morecambe @ Gas Contemporary, Morecambe, Lancashire (2018).

JNY 3018 @ Saatchi Gallery, London (2018).

Jealous Needs You @ Jealous East, London (2018).

Silver Sehnsucht, curated by Approved by Pablo, The Silver Building, London (2017).

Unruly Suspects, Unruly Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2017).

Paper Cuts, Transition Gallery, London, (2016).

After presents Glossary, Safehouse, London (2016).

Out of Sight, Proof Gallery, London, (2016).

City & Guilds of London Art School Degree Show, London (2016).

Shatter Proof, Proof Gallery, London (2016).

LAX/ LHR, Stolen Space, London (2015). 

Les Etudients, Salon, London (2015). 

Post Transit Romantics, Make Your Mark Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (2015).

Liminal, The Ragged School Museum, London (2015).

From the Studio Floor, Anise Gallery, London (2015).

Unruly Gallery, Dog & Pony, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2015). 

Art of Angel, The Candid Arts Trust, London (2015).

Dirty Laundry, Library Members Club, London (2014)

A Comfortable Man, Wiltons Music Hall, London (2014).

Dubl Trubl, Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany (2014).

Why is a raven like a writing desk?’, Londonewcastle Project Space, London (2014).

Wu Tang is for the Children, Londonewcastle Project Space, London (2014).

Cedar’s Graffiti Supply Store, Movement, Worcester (2013).  

Monsters Ink, Wayward Gallery, London (2013).


Artist in Residence at Lab Kalkhorst, Germany (2019). 



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